Large Ice Cube Pick Up in Houston, TX

Retail Store Ice Cube Pick Up Pricing

Convenient Drive-Thru Pick Up at the Ice Express Store located at 2530 Knoblock St., Houston, TX 77023

50 CT Box

1 to 3 Boxes – $37.50 per box ($0.75 per cube)

4 or more Boxes – $30.00 per box ($0.60 per cube)

10 CT Box

$12.50 per box ($1.25 per cube)

Our large ice cube pick up in Houston, Texas, makes it simple to receive quality ice close to home. We even have a convenient drive-through option, so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle. Ensure your quality ice cubes are cared for by following simple tempering care instructions. By storing your quality ice in a refrigerator or freezer when not in use, you’re allowing them to last longer. We strive to provide high-quality large ice cubes made from the purest water, so you can enjoy your drinks with jumbo ice. Experience the difference in quality with our large ice cube pick up in Houston, Texas.


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