Enjoy the Perfect Ice for Every Drink…your favorite beverage, cocktail or top-shelf liquors all year long with your “Cube Club VIP Membership” and receive a 10 CT box of Big Ass Ice Cubes once a month.   It’s easy to become a “Cube Club VIP” member.  Pay the one-time annual membership fee, then your credit card will be set up for auto-pay once a month prior to your monthly shipment.

One-Time Annual Membership Fee:  $25.00 (non-refundable)

Monthly Fee: 
10 CT Box:  $25.00 ($2.50 per cube) + Shipping
50 CT Box:  $50.00 ($1.00 per cube) + Shipping

  • Your first 10 CT Box is FREE with an annual membership subscription.
  • Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days once payment is processed.
  • Membership may be canceled at any time with a 10-Day Notice.  The one-time annual membership is non-refundable.